ANNA, THE ONE AND ONLY by Barbara M. Joosse
Kirkus Star


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Unlike her too-good older sister, Kimberley, third-grader Anna is perpetually in trouble brought on by her high spirits and imagination. The fast day at a new school, she wears a bizarre outfit featuring Kimberley's best blouse and tells everyone that her name is Chocolate. Result: negative attention instead of admiration, a blouse mined during art class, and a name she forgets to answer to. Still, Anna's a nice kid at heart and soon has a new best friend. When the two new friends cut each other's hair, a perceptive teacher retrieves Anna from disaster by pointing out that she looks just right to try out for the coveted witch part in the class play. And when one of Anna's thoughtless pranks leaves her unable to perform so that--at the last minute--Kimberley has to play the witch, Joosse believably converts her disappointment into a revelation for both sisters about their strengths and sensitivities. Like Byars, Joosse has a sure sense of kids' concerns and speech patterns. Lively, irrepressible Anna is a winning character; readers are sure to enjoy this funny, easily read story about her. The full-page drawings depict the characters with affection and sympathy, contributing to the approachable, well-designed format.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1988
Page count: 131pp
Publisher: Lippincott