WHAT NOW?: A Handbook for New Parents by Barbara & Mary Lou Rozdilsky Banet

WHAT NOW?: A Handbook for New Parents

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Two new mothers share their experiences with the hard facts of birth. Parenting, as they learned in a hurry, is neither instinctive nor natural. It means developing practical skills and since forewarned is hopefully forearmed, they enumerate an entire spectrum of the problems--physical, emotional, sexual, financial, mechanical--that all first-timers face. They are oriented toward the non-sexist two-parent family and address themselves in detail to the specific and separate traumas of mother, father and baby. They maintain that the newborn is no tabula rasa; she has her own innate temperament which is not determined, as was once believed, by the degree of parental anxiety. The authors' major concern is dispelling those negative feelings of ambivalence, guilt, inadequacy, resentment. The chapters on the mysteries of breast-feeding, where, when, and how to get help, and what to do with the chronic crybaby or ""difficult"" infant are all highly informative. There are referrals to Masters & Johnson, Our Bodies, Ourselves, Chess et al.'s Your Child Is a Person, and Dr. Spock, who has also personally endorsed this deliberate, reassuring book.

Pub Date: Nov. 19th, 1975
Publisher: Scribners