RAKE'S RANSOM by Barbara Metzger


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Metzger's last Regency match-up of lord and lass (The Earl and the Heiress, 1982) featured some doggy dash in the form of tiny Maltese terriers; here that giant of dog-dom, the Irish wolfhound, does the canine cameo--but, unfortunately, the hound doesn't have much to do until the close. Which is too bad, for the heroine's unrelenting adorableness is somewhat tiring. Jacelyn, only child of widower Lord Trevaine, is in a rage because the local squire, taking umbrage when she once again prevented a fox hunt, has kidnapped her huge dog Penelope. In return, she plans to kidnap Arthur, the squire's nephew. But instead she bags a stranger--Leigh Merrill, Earl of Claibourne. There are tremors from both, and, to avoid scandal, there's also an ""offer"" from Leigh, who, however, refuses to force love. So it's on to London--where Jacelyn, a champion of downtrodden persons and animals, end, ants Society by tossing off home truths. Throughout Jacelyn's matchmaking and danger, Leigh trails along to extricate his ""dewdrop, poppet, kitten"" from major messes. Another ton tidbit--a touch oversweet.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1986
Publisher: Walker