BETHING'S FOLLY by Barbara Metzger


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A mere snippet of a Regency romance, undistinguished but sunny and simple. Elizabeth Bethingame is the orphan of avid horse fancier Lord Bethingame--who sank his worldly goods into the pursuit of great equine bloodlines via his stables (""Bething's Folly""). Her problematic suitor: Lord Alexander Carleton, only son and heir of the Duke of Carlyle, who needs a wife (he's promised his father) as much as Elizabeth needs help in keeping the family stables from her greedy guardian. Their engagement is a business proposition, then; but Carleton starts falling for the only girl he's ever met who's versed in the classics and can talk with gusto about horses, pasturage, and racing plans. And vice versa. So love blooms amid dancing lessons and teas. But there's a misunderstanding on the wedding night. And in a blither of hostilities before the two reconcile, Elizabeth, disguised, rides prize horse Pride in the Ardsley Cup and. . . Carleton's friend Freddie is saved from possible death in a duel with a Frenchman who's been pursuing Elizabeth. Tolerable, forgettable fluff.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1981
Publisher: Walker