MY LADY INNKEEPER by Barbara Metzger


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A jolly, lazily good-humored little Regency--with an attractive, sharp-tongued heroine. That still-unwed beauty, Lyndell Markham, known to the ton as the ""Unmountable Markman,"" is disgusted with pallid suitors, with men in general, and particularly with her lily-livered step-brother Jasper--who has gotten himself into a prime muddle while owning and operating an inn, not far from the Markham estate. So, bored with the drawing room life, Lyndell sets out with her faithful family retainers to save poor Jasper, who has gone into hiding because of a murder involving the smugglers and spies who hang out at the Inn: disguising herself as ""Miss Lynn Riddley,"" she takes over the Inn's management. And among those involved in the ensuing mixups there are several colorful and/or winning characters: adorable runaway aristocrat Felicia Fullerton, whose father has arranged an un-wanted marriage; marquis Wesley Cheyne, hero of Waterloo, and a sleuth of no mean ability; his cousin Willy, Lord Richardson, recovering at the Inn from a wounded foot only to succumb to fluffy Felicia (now a maid in disguise); that ""pompous little twit,"" Captain Jamison, supposedly about the King's business; a mistreated young boy and hapless dog (lovingly rehabilitated by Lyndell and Cheyne); and Molly, a generously bosomed barmaid. Likable entertainment--with mystery-adventure, pleasing romance (Lyndell will eventually change her opinion about men), and some extra diversion for the dog-lovers within the Regency audience.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1985
ISBN: 0000134864
Publisher: Walker