INTO THE DARKNESS by Barbara Michaels


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More romantic suspense from one of the doyennes of the genre, this one featuring the requisite young lovely (drawn into an intrigue, of course)--as well as Michael's silly sense of humor, which as always buoys up the outlandish plot. The resourceful heroine here is Meg Venturi, granddaughter of Dan Mignon, who founded one of the country's most respected antique-jewelry businesses. When Meg returns home to the family's Connecticut mansion for Dan's funeral, she learns that there's a new face on the scene--that of A.L. Riley, a taciturn but immensely talented diadem designer who makes out like a bandit at the reading of Dan's will, co-inheriting the business with Meg. For this reason, everyone in the small town of Seldon distrusts Riley, including Meg's kindly Uncle George and cute Cousin Cliff. After the obsequies, when Meg stays on (instead of returning to her advertising job in New York), she gets a threatening phone call and several Victorian rings inscribed with scary messages; she also discovers a cache of valuable jewelry that her granddad hid in her bedroom safe--jewelry that she presumes he stole from an Indian maharaja after WW II. But she cannot bring herself to join the crowd in suspecting that Riley wants to get rid of her, and eventually urges Riley to confess his secret connection to Dan Mignon. Then, late one night, a fire on the estate (which almost turns Meg into kindling) flushes out the tree culprit--who turns out to be the last person Meg would have pegged for a coldblooded killer. Attempted murder most frothy--even if Meg isn't Michaels' snappiest heroine to date.

Pub Date: June 4th, 1990
Publisher: Simon & Schuster