IMPOSSIBLE CHARLIE by Barbara Morgenroth


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A good-natured lesson in showing a horse who's boss--and, as such, some cuts above Morgenroth's earlier, more ambitious and labored efforts. Preteen Jackie Knapp, not much of a rider atop old, borrowed Moose, is sure she'll shine on Charlie, the beribboned thoroughbred bequeathed her by his college-bound owner. Charlie, however, is a beautiful, lovable bust--cooperative only so long as he's asked to do nothing but walk. He's slow to trot or canter (and slow at both); he refuses to jump; he flees from the vet and the farrier (in scenes packed with expertise on shots and shoeing); and he takes off at the least opportunity--which canny tease Charlie is good at finding. Jackie's 4-H riding instructor and her best friend urge her to hit him (""All horses try to get away with murder""); but Jackie doggedly trusts in love until, on the eve of the annual 4-H club fair, she's had enough--and whacks Charlie into grudging obedience. Once he's brought around, the two begin to win plaudits; and Jackie can conclude philosophically that a real horse-with personality--is better than a dream horse anyhow. That's a worthwhile lesson too, while horse-crazy sentimentalists like Jackie can't help but benefit from the back-stiffening (even if the whole thing is horsefeathers to everyone else).

Pub Date: Oct. 19th, 1980
ISBN: 0981644007
Publisher: Atheneum