RAMON MAKES A TRADE by Barbara Ritchie
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Ramon, the potter's son, is infatuated with a lively green parakeet. Canny and hard working, he sets about a series of enterprises which will increase the value of his sole possession--one small pot--into the fortune it requires to buy the bird. Told in English and illustrated by Earl Thollander with rich earth colored pictures accented with brilliant gold, green, and orange, the text is duplicated by a Spanish translation of high quality. This dual text affords children of Spanish speaking backgrounds an incentive to increase their English vocabulary, while English speaking children will further be aided by the glossary of Spanish terms which accompanies Ramon's enterprising business adventure. A gentle story whose suspense is derived from an accurate understanding of the Mexican delight in bartering.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1959
Publisher: Parnassus