PLAIN JANE by Barbara Softly


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The power struggle between Royalists and Parliamentarians during the English Civil War parallels the internal strife in the home of Sir John Kester, ardent supporter of the King. A cruel mercenary, Sir John has always favored his son Jeremy to the detriment of his unhappy daughter Jane. Often beaten into submission, Jane finally rebels when she senses an impending forced marriage, with her fortune in the balance. Seeking refuge in the home of the Marstons, Jane discovers family unity and love for the first time and in the process is won over to the cause supported by her friends. With Ann Marston, Jane attempts to free several Roundheads imprisoned by the Royalists but her efforts and in disaster. Unwittingly ensnared in a trap set by her father, Jane is forced to choose between marriage to the unscrupulous Mr. Roper or death for the Roundheads. Resigning herself to defeat, never dreaming that she would be championed by her new friends, Jane consents to the marriage and a life of virtual imprisonment at Kester Manor. An exciting attack on the estate solves an impossible situation and restores-Jane to the protection of her rescuers. Filled with the colorful detail of a dynamic era, strong characterizations and sweeping action, this will be read enthusiastically by all who enjoy historical fiction.

Pub Date: Nov. 3rd, 1962
Publisher: St Martin's Press