MAN'S RESTLESS SEARCH by Barbara Spofford Morgan


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A year ago Mrs. Morgan wrote a book which attracted considerable attention. It was entitled: A Skeptic's Search for God. This book is a revised edition of that volume, but not only is the title changed, but the whole point of view of the author shows her progression from the position of a skeptic to that of a searcher. Mrs. Morgan, the wife of a prominent New York banker, is a distinguished scholar, having earned her Ph.D. in the field of philosophy, she now turns her scholarly interest and her ability to write to the task of making religious faith acceptable and intelligible to modern man. She testifies here to the everlasting impatience of man for more happiness, more knowledge, more development. This development, she contends, must be less in the range of the intellect and more in the power of spirit. Accordingly, she dwells more upon the mystical than upon the intellectual or moral approach to God. Those interested in philosophical problems as well as religious readers should welcome this book.

Publisher: Harper