THE SUMMER WITH  by Barbara Willard


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What better way to a blood-brother friendship than through a knock-down drag Having cleared the air and broken the ice, Perry Trevelyan and new- summer in their little village in Sussex. Their major is the legal ownership of Blodger's Field. Between contributing to family finances through his paper route and working as garden boy for old Mrs. Gunner, Perry become: the trusted agent of the old woman who has evidence disputing the rights of Nog Merrow, type landlord of the Field. Through Spike's and Perry's efforts, the real heir to the land from Canada and the impoverished inhabitants of a fair and square Spike's tough guy code and Perry's open likeability form an interesting breeding ground for close friendship the most significant factor in a delightful English summer. Entertaining and light hearted fare.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1962
Publisher: Watts