THE MILLER'S BOY by Barbara Willard


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Working in his crotchety grandfather's mill in the shadow of Mantlemass, orphaned Thomas longs for a horse to carry him away to a farming life with married sister Betsy, or at least for a friend to make life at home less grim. Then well-born young Lewis Mallory arrives mysteriously at Ghylls Hatch; Tom is taken on as a comparion and, after the mill is destroyed and the now half-crazy grandfather killed in a storm, Tom is moved in to share his friend's much gander life. But when the boys' first mutual indiscretion results in Tom's being stripped of his privileges and cast as whipping boy, both know he must leave--and Lewis, outraged by the injustice, gives him his own prize mount for the journey. The boys' anachronistic friendship hasn't much body, but the solid period background and supporting cast fills it in.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1976
Publisher: Dutton