LIVING WITH PAIN by Barbara Wolf


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Wolf takes her cue--and numerous quotations--from yon Clausewitz, the military strategist, and her serious handling of an elusive subject may provide comfort for those with chronic, unpredictable aches and pains. She suggests a three-pronged attack involving attitude adjustment, solid communication (at home and hospital), and development of precise personal goals. Recognizing that our responses to pain often have their roots in childhood, she recommends some psychotherapy but primarily focuses on ""tough-minded acceptance"" of the situation, replacing those mournful ""if only"" statements and unreasonable hopes with more positive ""now that"" assertions. ""Drugs, surgery, hypnosis, pain clinics, physical and occupational therapy, all have limitations""; the ""pain person"" must sample responsibly and acknowledge the possibility of failure. Neither depressing nor overly optimistic, this combines firsthand experience and familiarity with recent literature on pain management.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Seabury