NOWB BUT A MULE by Barbara Woollcott


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Lively, unblushing reminiscences of a famous man's niece, as she does a how-dear-to-my-heart themed on the holy terrorism of herself and her three sisters, Nancy, Joan, and Folly, with Barbara suffering from in-between-ness unbearably. How her parents got married; the family summers at Vineyard Havon; Uncle Alec and his relations with his brother, sister-in-law and nieces; Mother's unerring (in the wrong direction) social sense summer persecutions; the various stages the girls went through of sickness, accidents and ailments; the wonders of mail order correspondence, from physical culture to practical jokes, a detective agency and cosmetics. Then there is Barbara's sole essay into theatre, under the gis of Lynn Fontanno and Uncle Aloc; the bulldog and the poodle and Mother's letter to the editor; Joan and her uncooperative educational fireworks -- including her marriage; Polly her poems and her knack of humbling any recipient of her repartee; the other marriages -- and the end of the family circle, Incorrigible evidence of rugged, roistering individualism, some of which has seen light of day in periodicals.

Publisher: Viking