THE BLESSED SPOT by Barbara Woollcott


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This blessed spot"" is Martha's Vineyard where Sarah, one of five girls, spends her summers all through her youth. She returns there at 20, after an absence of eight years, filled with nostalgia and a romantic restlessness. There too she meets again Arthur, whom she had called ""The Vicar"" as a girl, now working on the Gazette and as attached to the island as she is. This is the record of their marriage together and its even contentment: the birth of William first, Midge later- and with the passage of the years- their 15th anniversary- her longing for another baby. Arthur's sudden death, shortly thereafter, leaves her really adrift, and after a trip away, and a casual affair with Ben, a stranger on a train whom she is determined never to see again- she finds that she is pregnant, and is happy with the child which will provide some ""continuity"" to her life. Ben however proves not so easily expendable- follows her there- and gives every indication of remaining in her life to come... A first novel (Mrs. Woollcott is the niece of Alexander) is flushed with warm, womanly feelings you might easily mistake for sentimentality- and it requires a sweet tooth.

Pub Date: Aug. 4th, 1961
Publisher: Doubleday