THE SHORT YEAR by Barbra Ward


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This was the year that beautiful, nineteen-year-old Pembroke Miller lost herself along the more twisted by-ways of Greenwich Village. Miss Ward manages to sustain an element of poignancy in this tale of a young hopeful bohemian who intends to be a writer and desperately needs to be free. Pembroke goes through a cliche cast of artist...a Negro musician...a slightly perverted older man until she inevitably meets the girl...Marcelle, lovely, young, artistic, sensitive. What starts as a platonic friendship: ""We both need someone we can relax with,"" soon becomes an affair. For Marcelle it also becomes love but Pembroke is incapable of sustaining a relationship. There are some touching scenes: the confrontation with Pembroke's parents, a visit to a lesbian bar where Pembroke tries to force Marcelle into seeing what they are becoming. And the break up. An intimate, sensitive look at the problems of homosexuality that will find a special audience.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1967
Publisher: Putnam