SAM COMES TO DINNER by Bari Weissman


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Gourmet snobbery gets its comeuppance and humble loyalty its reward when Seymour, who is cooking for a dinner party, has an accident in the kitchen. On finding both Seymour and dinner out cold on the floor, his snooty guests go off in a huff; but earthy neighbor Sam, who's been trying with various disguises to get into Seymour's house and his party (in fact, it's his pestering that caused the accident), takes care of the patient, cleans up the mess, and thereby becomes Seymour's friend. But even though Weissman stacks the deck for Sam by making the other friends unbelievably fickle, it's hard to understand what they see in each other. And her drably colored drawings, which make Seymour a cat, Sam a dog, and the guests assorted other mammals, don't give any of them much personality.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Little, Brown