TUMBLEWEED by Barlow Meyers
Kirkus Star


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A likeable, horny-fisted story of men and horses with the kind of rough sentiment which makes strong men twist their Stetsons in acute anguish. When Rush Jones, a young mustanger down on his luck, lost his beloved little mare and almost his life through a truck accident, and fell in with rescuer Tracy Bender, a partnership began which proved money and face-saving for them both. There was the underhanded chicanery of unscrupulous neighbor, Lawland, a horseman with a grudge against Tracy, the problem of rounding up Rush's mare, and the more delicate matter of overcoming Tracy's phobia about an outlaw stallion called Chinook, the idol of Tracy's eye, whose savage bite had crippled Tracy for life. After some brutal sabotage by Lawland, ventures in horse raining, and amateur sleuthing, Lawland is eradicated as a threat, the partnership flourishes, and Rush's mare and Chinook are reunited with their respective masters. Top-rate leather lather.

Pub Date: March 24th, 1952
Publisher: Westminster