THE GOOSE'S TALE by Barnaby Dogbolt


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The author of Eve's Second Apple continues his satirical survey of the American scene, in this semi-serious, semi-comical presentation of the complications that beset a young liberal in the South. Librarian Oliver Fewmish fights against his growing attraction for the wife of the town's doctor, against the apathy of the Hatchettsville City reactionaries, against the infiltration of Unionization, against the plot of his landlady to marry him off to her niece. Here- with a modicum of high humor, real laughs, are the trials and travails of a modern thinking male as sex, politics, personal entanglements and local gossip web him in. The possibilities of Air Warden, privileged character-and the doubtful comic qualities of a man with a bad bladder due to a type of diabetes, are played up to their hilt. Strictly for males, with low pressure risibilities.

Pub Date: July 28th, 1947
Publisher: Dutton