MAIDEN VOYAGE by Barnaby Dogbolt


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The effects of a trip to England on a deflated ego are revealed in the travels of Professor Saltmarsh, and display once in a while amusing, though generally dull to deadly recontage. For Salty, scared by a visiting English poet's nymphomaniac wife, by approaching middle age, by loss of prestige, wins a Guggenheimer scholarship to write the biography of a little known English poet. En route his encounters include a not too scrupulous proprietary medicine vendor, (gangster-type from South Carolina), twins, a vicar and his organist daughter, Pamela, assorted dignitaries and lesser fry of Ughtre (source of information on the long-lost poet, Charnelhouse), bits of American relations, and more than a touch of mad-whackery. There are some well-touched off firecrackers of literary pretensions, scholastic uppishness, international friction -- the whole winds up with Salty a better man for his elbow-rubbing with the various types of another world, and another culture. Perseverance here will prove something -- but not always funny.

Pub Date: July 17th, 1950
Publisher: Dutton