MORE THAN BOOTY by Barney & Jane Crile
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This inspirational history of a marriage should stir both envy and admiration. Dr. Crile is a Cleveland surgeon who specializes in cancer. With his wife, whom he married in the late '30's, he studied biological adaptation and became particularly interested in the first imprintation of habits upon the newborn. They derived an empiric philosophy wherein a man's life is continued in the minds of those about him, especially his family. This belief was shored up by world travel and the observation of distant peoples. As presented here, it is more than a simplistic euphemism and has biological reality. The Criles were also outdoor folk: moose hunting in Canada; boar hunting in Corsica with bandits; running rapids in kayaks; skin diving in the Red Sea; and treasure hunting at Troy. The doctor also continued practice, wrote books and was assisted by Jane in cancer research. The book ends with Jane's two experiences with cancer (breast and brain), a first and second reprieve which strengthened their mystical union, and the irony and reconcilation of the fact that Dr. Crile could not save his own wife. It is an inevitably moving story with substantial spiritual value.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill