EACH ALONE by Barriet Balt


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Remember The Old Man's Birthday, by Richmal Crompton (it was very good but get to first base)? This has much the same sense of situation (a fiftieth family reunion this time), sense of story (the pace is better), sense of characterization (each member of the divergent group stands out as a personality). There is, perhaps, too little humor to relieve what becomes pretty tense going, as a romance, twenty years buried, comes front stage once more, and a marriage that has kept up a front, threatens to go on the rocks. One gets the story chiefly through the eyes year old Holly, to whom most of the skeletons in the family cupboard had either unsuspected or romantic dreams. Good reading -- but every reader will be grateful not to have been part of this family reunion which should not have taken place.

Pub Date: May 8th, 1942
Publisher: Harper