YANKEE LIFE by Barrows-Ed. Mussey


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A revised, enlarged, rewritten, redesigned and reset edition of We Were New England, published by Stackpolo, in 1937. This again provides a fascinating collection of passages from New England writers -- dating back to 1660. These first hand accounts cover childhood memories, days of schooling and college, recollections of life on land and sea, the ways of industry and trade, of water power, lumbering, printing and reading, painting, crime, law and politics, medicine, worship, Indians; the days of the Revolution and the war of 1812. They reveal details of public and private lives, which give much of the actual character and temper of the people and the times. From Edward Everett Hale, Lyman Beecher, Timothy Dwight, Jonathan Edwards, Cotton Mather, Paul Revere, Samuel Sewall, Henry David Thoreau, John Trumbull and many others come the words that picture the New England of their day....Excellent selection, illustrated with reproductions of old woodcuts and engravings, good historical, regional Americana (if a saturated market can absorb it).

Pub Date: Nov. 17th, 1947
Publisher: Knopf