WHY NOT VICTORY? by Barry M. Goldwater


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Goldwater asserts ""there is a meeting ground between those who believe this nation best serve its own interests and the interests of the free world by working as a lone agent...and those who see our position as one embracing and trying to solve the economic, political, and social problems of every other nation in the world. The views in this book follow the established pattern of his speeches, columns, and articles. He is, of course, for maintaining and upgrading America's military might, for widespread education on the subject of communism (""we are fighting communism as well as Communists""), for ightening up the foreign aid program to increase its effectiveness, and for American concern with her own sovereignty before concern with the fate of the UN or its World Court (he is in his explanation of his stand against repeal of the Connally Reservation). Few surprises will be found among his comments on the U-2 flights (Powers ""was lef not shot down from cruising altitude""), the Berlin wall, Laos, and Red China. Liherais and Radicals of either party will find only the usual reasons to scoff. Others who already approve of him politically, or have not yet decided, will appreciate Why Not Victory because it crystallizes his plans for waging the Cold War. This is not as as his of a Conservative, and consequently may find an even audience.

Pub Date: April 23rd, 1962
ISBN: 1104851059
Publisher: McGraw-Hill