SHARED TOMORROWS: Science Fiction in Collaboration by Barry N. & Bill Pronzini-Eds. Malzberg

SHARED TOMORROWS: Science Fiction in Collaboration

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Twelve science-fiction stories by collaborative teams well-known and less so, starting with a 1948 James Blish-Damon Knight chiller about a beautiful but deadly human simulacrum (""Tiger Ride"") and concluding with Pronzini and Malzberg's own very funny ""Prose Bowl"" (the world pulp-writing championship match, before an audience of millions). In between are such historically or otherwise interesting efforts as Mack Reynolds and Fredric Brown's ""Dark Interlude"" (racial animosity, circa 1950), Reginald Bretnor and Kris Neville's clever ""Gratitude Guaranteed"" (would-be-crook doctors computer with surgical implant designed for family ""Cuddlypets""), Pohl and Kornbluth's ""The Quaker Cannon"" (a sort of Manchurian Candidate twist), and Ruth Allison and Jane Rice's ""The Loolies Are Here"" (which puts the finger on a species of household gremlin well known to most homemakers). Not an anthology of masterpieces, but a solid, well-planned collection; look especially for ""Murphy's Hall,"" one of the too-rare Poul and Karen Anderson collaborations and a quintessential statement of the favorite Anderson theme of contemporary pusillanimity vis-…-vis the challenge of the universe.

Pub Date: Oct. 12th, 1979
Publisher: St. Martin's