THE SOPHOMORE by Barry Spacks


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Harry Zissel is a twenty-two year old Sophomore whose favorite fantasy is ""starting afresh,"" but he gapes like a hooked guppy when his live-in-girlfriend Miriam announces she's twelve days overdue. Harry does what it seems any red blooded American unwed father-to-be does these days...he splits. But along the road to anywhere he runs into former roommate and soulmate Arthur Thompson who is now married and regimented into teaching with a wife who runs like clockwork and a career that is running down. These two lost souls, economy size Alfies at heart, ponder endlessly about what it's all about and Harry finally returns to do the right thing by Miriam but, she was Just kidding--Surprise' This really rocks old Harry who now cannot relate to anything and therefore decides to launch the first of what might become a great American fad--suicide parties. Needless to say he finally realizes that life is worth living and goes on to become a Junior. There are moments of saucy good humor but essentially this is the kind of course in college psychology that only Freshmen can relate to. Perhaps Mr. Spacks' post-graduate work will be of wider appeal...he has talent.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1967
Publisher: Prentice-Hall