THE MAKING OF A MODERN SAINT: A Biographical Study of Therese of Lisieux by Barry Ulanov

THE MAKING OF A MODERN SAINT: A Biographical Study of Therese of Lisieux

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This work offers a close examination and interpretation of the circumstances, traits of personality, and forwardings of the spirit that shaped its subject into a modern saint. Best known, perhaps, for her saying ""My vocation is Love,"" St. Therese seems to have had few occasions for the kind of large heroisms that so often characterize the saints. The dimensions of her life seem to have been small and ordinary when viewed from an external standpoint. Even her years as a Carmelite were filled, the author notes, ""with trivia."" Her heroisms were of the interior kind, and her particular gifts included a depth of insight into the nature of love--love of Christ and of mankind--and a ""prodigious skill in translating her perceptions into action."" In developing his interpretation of this saint, the author gives a thorough treatment of her parentage and of the family life in which she grew up and with which she kept in close contact all her life. A significant virtue of the book is the way in which it avoids the sentimentalities that so easily beset the biographer of a saint, while at the same time being sensitive to the deeply spiritual elements that were contained in Therese's remarkable personality. For readers particularly anxious to rediscover the meaning of sanctity in our times.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1966
Publisher: Doubleday