THE LONG LIFE GOURMET COOKBOOK by Barry with Bill Lawren Herman


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A realistic, appealing addition to the growing numbers of Pritikin-genre cookbooks--which also incorporates American Heart Association, American Health Foundation, and other sound guidelines. In an entertaining introduction, Herman, a former chef at Pritikin's Longevity Center, describes some of his major discoveries--such as substituting stock for cooking oil. (Following his directions, stock-making is not an onerous chore.) He also lets us in on a major disaster: the experimental use of buttermilk as a sauce ingredient. (""Three minutes later I opened the steamer and saw something that looked like a sponge from Mars, a big wad of curdled milk that looked. . . well, less than appetizing."") Herman gives notes on kitchen setup and shopping, and from there, it's straight on to original, tempting recipes--for snacks (spicy cheese spread, creamy artichoke spread), breakfast, lunch, salads (inventive dressings abound), for vegetarian, seafood, and poultry entrees, and for accompaniments (try, even, a Bloody Mary made with wine instead of vodka). A boost to healthy, interesting eating--without making the cooking a consuming task.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1983
Publisher: Simon & Schuster