A  OF  by Bartha Damon
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Mrs. Damon hits the again with this successor to Grandma Called It Carnal -- and again it's tops with us. This is in different vein, for it is a personal record of her chosen way of life, the enjoyment of ""a place of her own"", shared with all her unplanted perception of people, places and things. Her own New Hampshire home is quite a contrast to the rigidity of Grandma's background. She writes of her hired man, have never yet come up to Samule's expectoration, but often near ; of her husband, uncle, the dogs, the gardening -- and her acquired ""sense of human"" as she struggled for a lawn, a dream of roses, flowers and vegetables amid stony sores. There is something of the hospitalization (which produced the first book) of her return to New Hampshire; of her neighbors, and of the coming of winter. Delightful.

Pub Date: June 10th, 1943
Publisher: Simon & Schuster