GARNER OF TEXAS by Bascom Timmons


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The story of the long and successful career of John Nance Garner, the 38 unbroken years in Washington, with a brief survey of his life before that. His 30 years in the House of Representatives were served under Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson, Harding, Coolidge and Hoover; an expert in many fields, he served on various house committees, became house whip, minority leader, and finally Speaker of the House during his last two years there, a position which Garner regarded as second only to the presidency in importance. Throughout his congressional life, Garner made few speeches and introduced few bills directly, but had a hand in a great deal of important legislation. Courageous, honest, able and loyal, he had many friends and admirers, Republicans as well as Democrats, and was- not by his own choosing- a presidential nominee in 1932. During Garner's first term as vice-president he and Roosevelt were on good terms, but later there were more and more issues over which they split. Garner, strongly against a third term, was again a nominee himself, and then retired from political life. An interesting, highly readable view of Garner's political life and an inside view of activities in the House and at the White House, but one questions too wide an interest in the man today.

Publisher: Harper