LETS STAY MARRIED! by Basil Boothroyd


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If one is willing to slow down to an ambling pace, this superficially Americanized version of a British humorist's view of marriage can be insidiously amusing. Basil Boothroyd--an improbable but enchanting byline--has been rolling out jollies for Punch over the past quarter century and his prose reflects a more leisurely, less concentrated method of attack than present day mass media forms of staccato fun permit. The subject is marriage--and the perils and pitfalls which lead to the ever-popular divorce. Interviewing in turn Mr. and Mrs. A., the questioner evokes a garrulous response: there was the episode of the squirrel (one day being fed chicken stock; on another being fired at with an air gun by a determined Mrs. A.); shopping (a mad flurry of directions); vacations (Mr. A's conviction that he had caught Burger's disease only slightly weakened when his bleeding espadrilles were firmly removed by Mrs. A.); money; social life, sickness, etc. Britishisms remain (""lead"" for leash, ""cloverleaf"" and lots of ""darlings"") but if one is not in fief to Alan King's buckshot approach, this is clever nonsense.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1968
Publisher: Simon & Schuster