DYNAMIC REDEMPTION: Reflections on The Book Of Common Prayer by Bayard Hale Jones

DYNAMIC REDEMPTION: Reflections on The Book Of Common Prayer

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Although death closed his long service to The School of Theology at the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee, back in 1957, this posthumous volume of Dr. Jones' is no unfinished symphony, but rather is a very finished series of lectures on the Book of Common Prayer, first delivered in 1949 on the 400th Anniversary of the Prayer Book, and polished by him at the behest of colleagues in preparation for publication over the next eight years. The practically finished manuscript was part of his legacy to the world, and now a student, the Rev. Austin Ford, and a colleague, Dean George Alexander, have joined forces to give that manuscript the final polish it needed before the printer took over. The result greatly enriches our Prayer Book literature. Dr. Jones wrote with the layman in mind, and quite naturally, for he believed that the Prayer Book was for laymen anyway. He has tried to make the rationale of the Prayer Book intelligible to anyone with a high school training, but he does it so well that few clergy will finish the book without having some seminary confusions straightened out, and above all, without making some delightful new finds in knowledge. Because the book began with the spoken word, it has a vibrance and a quality of immediacy which were very much part of the Sewanee Professor of Liturgies.

Publisher: Seabury Press