THE TUNNEL by Baynard Kendrick


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Through the power of her own recall, Natalie Sherrett tries to fight through her fears,- of being poisoned by her husband, of the return of her dead first husband, of her madness. From the shamed and terrifying fact and imagination of her childhood, to the deep- seated jealousy of her best friend, Mona, to her passionately satisfying brief marriage to Bob, to the security marriage with Trevil offered her when Bob was killed in the war, Natalie retraces the facts, tears down fantasy, builds up new illusions. But the writing a script about her fears, the mixture of reality and mental unbalance, brings her to sanity and recognition of true from false. But before this happens she almost kills herself, plots the death of Trevil, and is on the brink of murdering a stranger because he resembles Bob... This portrays a journey over the line of sanity into a world of persecution and guilt, by a mind that recognizes its unbalance and ultimately faces the truths of its deep-rooted fears. An interesting adaptation of the case history type of story, the market here is the psychological-confession story, rather than the experience type of story of The Snake Pit.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1949
Publisher: Scribner