WHY CHRIST? by B.C. Butler


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The Abbot of Downside addresses himself in this book of apologetics to reasonable men seeking a criterion for living in a context of diverse and contradictory conclusions held by those who have sought such a criterion by the unaided light of reason. He attempts to show that ""Christianity meets man at the point of his deepest need"". With intelligence, learning, brevity and human sensitibility, he discusses ""The Modern Situation"", ""Self and Not-Self"", ""Religion and History"", ""Revelation"", ""Christian Origins"", ""Christ and the Church"", ""Living by Faith"". It is difficult to see how any intelligent person reading this book would not agree with the author that the Church's claim for her own teaching ""deserves that laborious attention which may in a given case be necessary before curiosity can be converted into concern, and concern become a predisposition to assent"". This book can be used as an excellent guide by priests and Catholic laymen for approaching those who need first to be shown that it is reasonable at all to take the Church's claims seriously before they can be expected to listen to the specific arguments adduced in an entire course of apologetics.

Pub Date: March 30th, 1960
Publisher: Helicon