THE CLIFFS OF THE NIGHT by Beatrice Brandon


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An American TV actress named Grania on the lam from both civilization and herself comes to the barren cliffs of Moher in Ireland to exorcise the ghosts of the Dreaded Women which her grandmother told her about so many years ago. Not only does she defeat one of these deadly inhuman creatures, but she joins a group of quixotic archaeologists who are engaged in illegally excavating the ruins of Dragon's Keep where Bran Roe once stored his fabulous treasures. Lucky for them that she does, for not only does she locate the hidden booty (containing, amongst lesser trinkets which make the Crown Jewels look sick, the chariot of the ancient Irish warrior Queen Macha Mhong Ruadh) but manages to help kill the charming but maniacal heroin smuggler Quinn Griffin -- who is also an I.R.A. informer and a murderer to boot. As in such tales, she also cops a husband -- Tom O'Flaherty -- folk singer, former I.R.A. terrorist and part-time excavator -- and there's enough blarney to last until St. Pat's day.

Pub Date: May 3rd, 1974
Publisher: Doubleday