MORE FISH TO FRY by Beatrice Cook


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A summer, mostly enchanted, sometimes dismaying, in the San Juan Islands of Puget Sound, this has a high decibel count of noise as a new house is a-building and two vigorous boys, 9 and 11, equal their parents as fishermen. Starting with a real open house (unfinished) fish fry (but the salmon didn't cooperate), on to new kittens, baby sea gulls, storms, a cherished old fashioned stove, gardening and deer, fishing trips that are either hung with horseshoes or completely skunked, a pony, -- this also includes the local VIP -- Gramp, the game warden, Speed, the commercial fisherman who trades medical treatment for his finny secrets, a neighbor whose house has been built through his beachcombing, among others -- and the buying of more property. And besides there are the ever-empty digestive systems of all bi- and quadrupeds, the problems of a wife, supposedly made for heavy duty, the youngsters' fishing exploits as well as their parents', and the wonderful therapy of fish, food and fun for an exhausted doctor-husband. A vigorous transfusion of (fish) blood, this has a high protein content for all the family -- as well as all fishwives, -- and those who remember Till Fish Us Do Part (1949).

Publisher: Morrow