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THE FOX WIFE by Beatrice Deer


by Beatrice Deer ; illustrated by D.J. Herron

Pub Date: May 7th, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-77227-212-3
Publisher: Inhabit Media

In this modern interpretation of a traditional Inuit story, a fox marries a human.

One day a beautiful red fox falls from the sky. Catching sight of an Inuit family, she is fascinated. When the older son, Irniq, spots her, she flees but follows them, out of sight. Years pass, and Irniq grows into a man. He decides to set out on his own. His mother worries, but his father reassures her that their son is capable of surviving the rugged terrain. Now Irniq has his own sealskin tent, and after a long day hunting, he must do the chores alone. But there is a surprise when he arrives back at his camp. Who has lit the oil lamp and prepared his fish? This tale of a supernatural fox who hangs up her skin to become an Inuit man’s wife will sadden readers who hope to find unconditional love at the heart of the story. Instead, the book teaches an important lesson about judging our loved ones. With illustrations extending across double-page spreads, the tundra feels as if it is expanding beyond the corners of the book. The northern lights bounce off the horizon to enhance the mystery of this world, inviting readers to imagine a distant place and time when animals could become human.

The story of a divide that cannot be bridged will leave readers with much to ponder.

(Picture book. 4-8)