TILL FISH US DO PART by Beatrice Gray Cook


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Which they did, often, during the 25 years the author coped with fishing fanatics, husband and sons. But, from the disillusionment of her honeymoon, when her doctor husband seemed to have more time for rod and reel than for her, she stuck to the learn or else pattern, and traveled the long path to conversion, becoming an ardent fish wife instead of a fish widow. Here are the camping and boating trips, the mixture of babies and ""lovelies"", the smells and the unwanted learning, the combination of lady, lion and jackass that made her come up to her family's standards, and, of course, fish, fish and yet more fish. From the clenched teeth division she travels into the feminine fraternity and makes a thoroughly funny, quotable, and readable report on matters domestic and piscatorial. Mon will like this as much as women, for the accounts of Washington coast and inland fishing are in the best sporting tradition, while the family problems of not missing any fishing dates are completely and devastatingly all too human. A sellable book.

Publisher: Morrow