WHAT THE ANIMALS TELL ME by Beatrice & Ingrid Yates Lydecker


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Like Tanzer (Your Pet Isn't Sick) and Tortora (Help! This Animal Is Driving Me Crazy), Lydecker believes pets have problems and ways of expressing them. Her special gift--""a free, open spirit"" which emerged after two years on an avo-cado ranch--enables her to leap the language barrier and communicate with animals, whether close at hand or cross-country. While many of their messages are routine complaints about smelly litter boxes or shared food dishes, others are more surprising: ""My communications with dogs and cats reveal that 99 percent do not want litters."" Animal intelligence varies--some are retarded, some bright-and caged zoo animals who have never known another lifestyle claim to be content. And apparently the command to heel can have a different meaning--Lydecker manages behavior changes via mental projection and the laying on of hands. Although Faith is her watchword, she also recommends specific techniques for training and disciplining dogs and warns against risky pet products. We ESPy an audience for this harmless pet-tifoggery--Mike Douglas believes in her, Cleveland Amory has written about her, and pet owners with similar experiences will get the message.

Pub Date: June 22nd, 1977
Publisher: Harper & Row