SKYE O'MALLEY by Beatrice Small


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An idiotic historical (16th-century Ireland, England, Algiers) in which the author faces a familiar chore--how to give variety to a string of sex acts and glue them all together with just a tad of a plot. The vibrating victim to whom all the jolly stuff happens is Skye O'Malley, daughter of an Irish clan-leader and demi-pirate. Skye falls in love with Lord Niall Burke but is forced to wed ding-dong Dom O'Flaherty (""the feeling of power her fear gave him aroused him further""). Dom has, in fact, been having more fun with his lascivious sister (we're treated to a few frames of that), but is crippled, and finally dies. So Skye and Niall sail off on an O'Malley ship, but it sinks, and Skye loses her memory and is taken off by brothel owner Khaled el Bey (""I want you hot and sweet and yielding""). They're married, he's murdered, and it's back to England--where she's wed to the Earl of Lynmouth (""Skye thought she would be torn asunder""). Next she's raped by Robert Dudley, the Queen's favorite (there's a glimpse of royal parts as Bess brings Bobby to the brink). And suddenly Niall is on hand again, having wed a nympho and regretted it. She and the Earl will die. Finally, then, Niall and Skye, trailing the several kids she's dropped here and there, marry, as Skye regains her memory and outwits the Queen. Old stuff for soft-core porn fans only.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1980
Publisher: Ballantine