KERRY by Beatrix T. Moore


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When Kerry, an Irish water spaniel, plunges from a ferryboat into the turbulent waters of the Chesapeake Bay, his eight-year-old master, Ted, is beyond consolation. This story of a dog's struggle for survival and a master's fierce determination to save his pet are woven into the rich fabric of life along the Chesapeake, the tempo of its waters, the rigors of its forests. Kerry survives but only after a harrowing odyssey-nameless terror of strange wood sounds, a fight with wild dogs, hunger, cold, and worst of all, loneliness. Illustrated by Harper Johnson, this book by the author of Swim For It, Bridget is recommended for that vast audience of not too selective young readers to whom competent stories of dogs and their masters are of compelling interest.

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 1959
Publisher: Morrow