MY LIFE WITH ELVIS by Becky & Cliff Linedecker Yancey


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A secretary to the bejeweled hip-swiveling phenomenon for thirteen years, Becky Yancey answered fan mail and stoked her curiosity observing comings and goings at Graceland. Elvis' bevy of showgirls and beauty queens were among the arrivals and Priscilla, his wife, was the chief departure. At all hours of the day and night, Graceland was filled with relatives and retainers. Yancey and Linedecker, a ""writer specializing in parapsychology and the unknown,"" don't add much to Steve Dunleavy's hotter-than-griddle-cakes Elvis: What Happened? But yes, Elvis gave away Caddys and Mercedes' like other people give away lollipops; when he wanted to ride the roller coaster, he shut the amusement park, and when the gang went to the movies, they hired the theater. Elvis, a good religious boy, also dabbled in gurus, palmistry, numerology, and astrology. Well before his death, his loyal secretary (who does have the gumption to gripe about her measly salary) knew Elvis was ""sick"" with glaucoma, ""mild liver disease,"" an enlarged colon, and perhaps too many diet pills. It's clear from the account that Becky never really talked to Elvis, just yes-ed him like the rest of the parasitical entourage. The posthumous last chapter describes the Memphis funeral and mentions the ""sybaritical"" lifestyle. Every garish detail will be treasured by the faithful.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1977
Publisher: St. Martin's