PARENTS ON THE RUN: A Commonsense Book for Today's Parents by Beecher Marguerite and Willard

PARENTS ON THE RUN: A Commonsense Book for Today's Parents

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An earful for earnest parents, this book lashes out at laissez-faire upbringing and the child-centered home as obstructions to independent growth of the child. It makes a plea for ""equal rights"" homes where justice is security, where parents respect their own rights and needs and provide a ""humanly straight"" situation that enables children to learn what they must to live in the world -- to pay as they go. The role of the school and of the ""experts"" is given a one-two too. There are plenty of lurid illustrations of willful, wily tyrants at work to insure top position in the family roost, and parents are urged to face the realities behind all sorts of behavior, from aggression to withdrawal -- whether it be defiance on the home front or supposed dumbness at school. There is a questionnaire and reading bibliography for parents. A pep talk on common sense that at times mistakes vituperation for vigor, this is nevertheless sensible and meaningful for a certain type of parent.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1955
Publisher: Julian Press