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Developing the Secret Skill We All Have

by BelindaGrace

Pub Date: June 1st, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7387-2723-3
Publisher: Llewellyn

Clairvoyant healer helps believers tap their inner powers.

BelindaGrace’s visions began in childhood, but after an unhealthy lifestyle and stressful career in the fashion industry wreaked havoc on her health, she studied homeopathic medicine. This led to her ultimate destiny as a self-described clairvoyant healer with a 10-year practice in Sydney, Australia. The author shares knowledge from her personal Angels or Spirit Guides and basic tools—quick, easy exercises that can be performed in a variety of locations—to help unlock inherent psychic abilities in anyone. With an encouraging voice that directly addresses the reader, BelindaGrace presents ways to conjure angels with “imagination,” as well as a basic summary of the seven main chakras, or the body’s energy centers. She sees these as spheres of spinning, colored light that can be “cleared and balanced” for optimum health in only minutes a day. She includes examples from her life and action-oriented advice on how to communicate with Angels or Spirit Guides (write them a letter), create a heart-mind balance, conduct a psychic conversation with another person without his/her conscious knowledge or discover past lives. Granted, psychic ability is subjective, and a dreary side note claims that in another time and place, we “were all criminals, liars, cheats and even murderers,” but BelindaGrace emphasizes how creative activities like automatic writing can help people come to terms with unresolved issues in this life.

Typical but mostly cheerful advice for the already converted.