THE OLD OAKEN BUCKET by Bellamy Partridge


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A farcical yarn of the housing situation which brings about the creating of an historic shrine -- this is similar in theme to Gwen Davenport's Family Fortunes (Doubleday, P. 334) but has a much lighter touch. The Rand's family expands when their son, their daughter, pregnant, her husband and baby and nurse, descend on their Connecticut home. There begins a harried search for other quarters which is slyly abetted by the shrewd efforts of Andrew Starkweather and his sister, Harriet, whom they had inherited with the house until litigation is settled. Mrs. Rand's love for antiques and the fame of history is the cause of her getting involved, not only with her banking account, but her garden club, real estate boundaries, and competition with other rival organizations, but Andrew provides the dream place with the home of the author of ""The Old Oaken Bucket""..... The fight about the authenticity, the bitter feuds the place arouses, and the final solution add up to an amusing story particularly for the trowel and dibble set.

Pub Date: Oct. 3rd, 1949
Publisher: Crowell