MY ANIMAL BABIES by Belle J. Benchley


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The author of My Life in a Men-Made Jungle and My Friends the Apes writes in this third book about the babies of the San Diego zoo, from their birth to adolescence and adulthood. She traces changes and developments in their appearance and individualities; she tells of intelligent and ignorant mothers; of father, interested or antagonistic; of babies' adaptation, of lessons from parents, and finding their place in the family group. There are stories of ""firsto"" whose birth involved special preparation and excitement; of little lives fought for by staff and hospital; of breeding attempts that succeeded or failed; of the information, not in the books, about types of animal births, feeding, raising, as the zoo people learned by experience....Interesting facts and stories, natural history in terms of bears, giraffes, zebras, monkeys, apes, rodents, wallabies, kangaroos, snakes, lions, tigers, birds, deer, hippopotamus, seals, wild sheep, and so on. Told with joy in the animal babies themselves, and their families, this has a special angle in relation to human children.

Pub Date: May 2nd, 1945
Publisher: Little, Brown