SOUTH OF THE CONGO by Belwyn James


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Belwyn James is now on P M; however, it was his experience at first hand while on the staff of a Johannesburg paper that impelled him to write this fully documented record of what is happening ""south of the Congo"", Just about two years ago Negley Parson stirred interest in Equatorial and South Africa to white heat with a revealing and dramatic picture of the forces of Nazi infiltration then at work. To all outward seeming, he was crying ""wolf wolf"" -- for nothing happened. Now comes Belwyn James' deeper cutting, broader based record of developments almost up to the present. His is a more studious approach he gives more of back history, personalities, political and economic factors, sores long in the making; he substantiates most of what Farson told; he intimates that foreknowledge prevented the outbreak planned simultaneously through much of Nazi-penetrated mandates and protectorates; he shows how the plans for Madagasoar were nipped by the seizure; but he still feels the danger there, not only in the carefully schemed Nazi organization, but in the anti-British, pro-German sympathies of natives, oer, etc. His is the enlightening picture, but it lacks the pace and verve of the Farson book, and will probably prove a book for reference and study rather than general reading.

Pub Date: Feb. 19th, 1943
Publisher: Random House