TIME OF PEACE: September 26, 1930- December 7, 1941 by Ben Ames Williams

TIME OF PEACE: September 26, 1930- December 7, 1941

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Let's look at this as a fictionized Only Yesterday of the 30's -- photographic, phonographic record. I felt it much more accurate as a reflection of Mr. Average American Citizen during those years than the Granville Hick's book, with its controversial pros and cons on Communism. Through the characters, particularly through Mark and his son and his close friends, one follows the changing focus of thought and emotion, from ""It's not our problem. We wont get fooled again"" to ""We're in it -- the whole way."" It is Boston speaking, with undercurrents from other parts of the country. But it is upper crust Boston, anti-New Deal, slowly veering towards being pro-British, grudgingly accepting Roosevelt's foreign policy, and so on. There is a dependable solidity to Williams' assured handling of people and situations -- slow motion, recognizable.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin