THE HAPPY END by Ben Ames Williams


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Ben Ames Williams has written many best sellers -- stories and novels full of entertainment and pleasure. To the sportsman this will top the best of 'em. For here we meet neither fiction nor foolishness but Mr. Williams in person, as our hunting, shooting and fishing companion. With him discover the lure of trout versus the plague of mosquitoes; that a woodcock, incognito, can be mistaken for a fern; the danger, of sleep walking on private cars with observations or without the observation of Kenneth Roberts; that the best bird dog isn't always the most lovable; that wild turkeys are formidable obstacles, etc. Page after page of sheer delight. Because of his established reputation this book should open the way to many new customers for Derrydale. Those accustomed to paying $2.00 or $2.50 will be bound to ask ""Why $7.50""? So be sure to grasp your opportunity to tell them all about Derrydale publications. Why they cost more, why they are valuable, why they should start collecting them. Make them sure you are introducing them to the ""find"" of their lives.

Publisher: Derrydale