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THE TABLE SETS ITSELF by Ben Clanton Kirkus Star


by Ben Clanton ; illustrated by Ben Clanton

Age Range: 4 - 8

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-80273-447-1
Publisher: Walker

A young girl receives a new responsibility, but when the prized task becomes a boring duty, she and her tableware friends must find a way to keep things fresh and funny in this winning tale.

Izzy and her anthropomorphized cutlery and crockery finally get to set the table themselves, but excitement wears thin after completing the chore a zillion times. To break the ennui, they try different arrangements to comical results. But when Dish runs away with Spoon, chaos, hunger and silly puns ensue. Letters home from the travelers boost the absurdity; references to the familiar nursery rhyme add still more fizz to the fun. After traveling the world, the two voyagers return home to a glorious macaroni-and-cheese dinner—until the Chopsticks stop by to stir things up. The author’s amusing text is enhanced by simple illustrations full of energy and charm. Done in pencil and watercolor, his playful characters enliven the pages. Repetitious panels and a witty design make for one enjoyable journey.

Clanton makes chores a delight! (Picture book. 4-8)